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Andre “Dr. Dre” Brown

A celebrated hip-hop- oriented entertainer and educator, Andre “Doctor Dre” Brown long ago established himself as a savvy creator of popular culture. He has made his mark on radio and television, in the movies and in print, working successively as a DJ, composer, talent scout, program host, actor, author, and critic. Dre is likely best-known as the co-host with Ed Lover of "Yo! MTV Raps" (1989 -1995), the TV show that did more than any other to make rap music and hip-hop culture global phenomena.

A child of the New York City’s Long Island suburbs, Andre Brown adopted the name Doctor Dre when he began hosting “The Operating Room,” a pioneering rap radio show for Adelphi University’s WBAU in 1983. In July of that year he conducted the first-ever radio interview with a new group by the name of Run-DMC. Soon enough, Dre’s rap group, Original Concept, was signed to Def Jam, the record label co-founded by Run’s older brother, Russell Simmons.

Dre is now in the midst of plans for a new TV series, a fast-moving talk-show centered around the national epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes, a disease with which Dre himself has been struggling for the last half-dozen years. The show’s format, according to its creator, will be “Doctor Oz meets Doctor Dre.

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Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire

In her former career, Dr. Brookshire was a high- powered entertainment publicist to the stars. As Director of Publicity at Arista Records, she represented Aretha Franklin, Sean “Diddy” Combs, OutKast, 112, Deborah Cox, Whitney Houston, and The Notorious B.I.G. until his death.

LaJoyce Brookshire is also the best-selling author of the novels Soul Food (that was based on the smash hit movie), suspense drama Web of Deception, and the memoir Faith Under Fire: Betrayed By A Thing Called Love. “Faith” breaks a decade of silence of how her first husband married her knowing he had AIDS yet never revealed his status, and how she is victoriously HIV-negative.

Summer 2010 marked the book release of The Last Listening Party of the Notorious B.I.G., a collaborative effort with photographer Elijah Muhammad who photographed the actual last listening party hosted by Brookshire at Arista Records. Winter 2010 will release Dr. Brookshire’s first health book Ask The Good Doctor which focuses on health prevention and health restoration featuring seventy-five of the Good Doctor’s favorite recipes.



Scott Pooler is the co-owner of the 17-18 new ABA expansion team in La Crosse, WI called the La Crosse Showtime. Not only is he the co-owner, but he has also taken on the role of General Manager and Head Coach. In their first season in the ABA the Showtime posted a overall winning record of 10-9 after losing in the second round of the playoffs. A military veteran, Scott Pooler has lived in or near the La Crosse,WI area for the past 32 years and is a graduate of Capella University.  He has worked in the IT field for the past 14 years and currently works for the Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau School District.   A father of six, he has also been very active in the basketball programs at Blair-Taylor School District coaching the girls middle school program for the last five years and other youth and varsity programs for 19 years including AAU boys and girls for 17 years.

Player Roster

Antonio Reddic
Steel City Yellowjackets
6’4″ Combo Guard

Corey Douglas
California Golden Tigers
6’11” Center

Devante Jones
Chicago Fury
6’1″ Guard

Dishawn Bradshaw
Baltimore Hawks
6’3″ guard

JaMael Haynes
Kyle Stallions
6’4″ Combo Guard

Maurice Mickens
Jacksonville Giants
6’2″ Guard

Quintin Jones
Fredericksburg Grizzlies
6’6″ Forward

Simeon Pooler
La Crosse Showtime
6’2″ Guard

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