The team uniforms for the Vegas Eight have been revealed!

The Vegas Eight are eight teams representing cities across America in the first ABA Gold season starting this August in Las Vegas.

ABA Gold will consist of eight teams each with eight players playing a unique First to 50 game style over eight weeks with two additional playoff weeks to name the first ABA Gold champion. Each team is represented by team ambassadors called V-Owners. You can find out more about each individual team from our teams page.



ABA Gold Team Uniforms

Atlanta Hotballers Logo

atlanta hotballers uniforms

baltimore sparks logo

baltimore sparks uniforms

Chicago Wind Logo

chicago wind uniforms

dfw power logo

dfw powe4r uniforms

LA Superstars Logo

LA superstars uniforms

NY Empires Logo

ny empires uniforms

Orlando Splash Logo

orlando splash uniforms

San Diego Floaters Logo

san diego floaters uniforms

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