ABA Gold Players Eligible For Dr. James Naismith Awards

International Naismith Foundation Writes ABA Gold CEO

ABA Gold CEO Harold Whaley has received a letter from the president of the International Naismith Foundation, Hector Permodo Sr., endorsing the presentation of Dr. James Naismith awards to ABA Gold players. The awards will be issued for MVP, Defensive Player, Sportsmanship, Leading Rebounder, Leading Scorer, Most Assists and Sixth Man. The International Naismith Foundation was founded by James Naismith’s grandson, Ian, in 1998, to promote youth sports in the family name. Ian passed away in 2012.

Celebrating The Inventor Of The Founder Of Basketball

James Naismith was born in Almonte, Ontario in 1861 and studied physical education at McGill University in Montreal. By 1891 he was teaching teaching at the International YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he invented the game of basketball based on a game he played as a kid called “Duck-On-A-Rock.” Seven years later Naismith received his medical degree and joined the University of Kansas, becoming the Jayhawks first basketball coach. By the time he passed away at age 78 in 1939 his game had become an event in the Olympic Games and the start of the NCAA Tournament.

Dr. James Naismith

ABA Gold Begins August 4th in Las Vegas

ABA Gold is an eight week league being held in Las Vegas starting August 4th,  2018. While all games will take place in Las Vegas, a selection of elite players from across the American Basketball Association will be selected to compete during the event. You can learn more about ABA Gold and the teams participating on our teams page.

Image of letter from Naismith Foundation

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